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Me and My Lamma

  Pretty soon we will all have our own personal chatbot. The first will probably be in the next Windows update, whereas every ounce of metadata associated with your suite of Microsoft 365 apps (Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneDrive) will be...

A New Frontier

We at the MBD computer science labs asked ChatGPT to tell us what the most notable marketing blunders between 1975-2005 were. As you read "It's" response below, you may begin to feel a certain sense of unease. That is your human intuition freaking out as it tries to...

Liberty Mutual and Millennials

  Is Liberty Mutual abusing struggling actors, Emus, or Millennials ? Hard to tell… The Liberty Biberty guy (actor Tanner Novlan) is such a toasty mimbo that it’s hard not to love him. Clearly the butt of the joke, Novlan’s character is a nitwit model trying to...