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Ancient Apocalypse and Apocalyptic Journalism

  Never let an opportunity to freak out go to waste… I guess. You wouldn’t believe all the controversy surrounding a little show that explores human history. Just google “Ancient Apocalypse” and see for yourself. You’ll come in to this one: “Ancient Apocalypse is...

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Charade

  It is perhaps the oddest amalgamation of culture and consumerism… or is it of the corporate and the confused? Although it pains me to say, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, once the yardstick for which all other Holiday Season kickoff events were measured by,...

Gobble Gobble

Look out Turkey because we’re comin’ for you! It’s not a good time of year to be a certain type of flightless bird, but IS for a certain type of bipedal flightless mammal with a hankering for stuffing smothered in gravy. There’s no containing our abundant glee…weHeart...