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Soap and Space Phasers

So, there I am lathering away, getting a real nice froth going when it caught my eye; the root of that which makes good Marketing so special… rooted in Jeong. Jeong: the Korean concept of a deep connection and emotional bond of empathy and affection that one can...

Cookies and Birds

  So, we all know what Cookies are; small baked confections that make for a great desert and are perfect for sharing. They’re a party staple and can be enjoyed year-round. The variety of recipes are almost limitless, so there is a cookie for almost every kid, big...

An Algorithm for Murder!

Finally – an algorithm has been used for something other than stalking Us and instead, to discover the identity of the World’s most infamous Stalker. In 1888 the Whitechapel Murderer, aka: Jack the Ripper, terrorized the streets of East London. The warm buckets of...