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You might hear these words in commercials or marketing material these days: “Fuel”. “Inspire”. “Ignite”. It’s the Copy de jure. Here are some real examples:

Undisclosed Auto 1 – Unconventional by design “inspires” a senses of adventure with awe “inspiring” confidence and engineered to excite.

Undisclosed Auto 2 – It offers confidence “inspiring” capabilities.

Undisclosed Auto 3 – Step into a confidence “inspiring” vehicle that packs big design, technology and versatility in a small SUV.

Undisclosed Gaming – One of the gaming communities is “fueled” by a team of dedicated gamers!

Undisclosed SaaS – Centralized hosting of business applications “Fueled” by the need for better technology to power omnichannel digital campaigns!

Undisclosed Agency 1 – Learn to “ignite” your own business or let us do it for you with our range of bespoke digital services.

Undisclosed Agency 2 – Now is the time to “ignite” your business. Local marketing by someone you know!

I find it ironic that everyone is copying each others copy and that there is so little “Inspiration” in “igniting” anything else not “fueled” by nonsense.