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Finally, the dumbest thing that nobody paid any attention to anyway, are gone. Arrows on the floor at the grocery store were more a symbol that something was not right with the world than anything.

Once in a while, I like to casually stroll around the fruit section and pick out some nice, beautiful fresh fruit, like Don Corleone in the Godfather right before they try to whack him. I walked in to my local mart, naturally looking down for my trusted arrows and …nothing! I was lost, like a ship without a rudder. Mask… check. Hand Sanitizer….check. Leaving the house asymptomatic…check. Arrows on the floor…. Arrows on the floor… Houston we have a problem! Which aisle do I walk up? Which aisle do I walk down? Is that person walking towards me being a rash, thoughtless, reckless, imprudent, misguided maniac, or am I? I happen to catch the eye of an elderly man who witnessed my bewilderment and he just put his hands up and shrugged in agreement. “What are you gonna do !?”, he quipped.

On May 13th the CDC announced that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a mask. Well, I’d like the arrows back along with a directive encouraging those that have not been fully vaccinated to continue following them. We need to snuff this scourge out completely once and for all..

OK – enough with the sarcasm. I only wright this to say that in the grocery store – folks have neither the time or cognitive overhead to compare items. Joe’s mac an cheese, Aunt Tina’s mac and cheese, Blue Ribbon mac and cheese, Cheesy Weezy mac and cheese… all have exactly TWO things in common; mac and cheese. Why does Aunt Tina’s win 9 times out of 10? Because they spent $8 Million this month on TV advertising. It acts as a short cut to decision making. It was on TV therefore A) the brand must have confidence in their product to recoup the expensive act of advertising in sales (Signaling) B) They are famous due to their foray into the spotlight and can not afford to be crummy crap’ola (Risk Aversion) C) The commercial elicited a warm and cozy dinner time spent with children smiling ear to ear as they enjoyed ooey-gooey forks filled with Aunt Tina’s mac and cheese (creating a shared reality).

Now that you know how mass advertising works, avoid the mass confusion at arrowless grocery stores and get a food delivery app already !