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Look out Turkey because we’re comin’ for you!

It’s not a good time of year to be a certain type of flightless bird, but IS for a certain type of bipedal flightless mammal with a hankering for stuffing smothered in gravy. There’s no containing our abundant glee…weHeart ‘Turkey Day‘ !

With a fork in one hand and a goblet of crushed grapes in the other, we get to test the limits of guilt free gluttony and enjoy one last reprieve before the ensuing madness of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday, and Super Saturday…

It’s an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the things that really matter – good health, taste buds, warmth, shelter, friends, a loud-mouth uncle, a pain in the neck brother-in-law, a job that you can take a few days off from and football (the 7-2 NY Giants !?). We may acknowledge these things in our minds from time to time but by coming together to do so gives them deeper meaning along with a heightened regard for each blessing.

What most everybody who considers Thanksgiving to be their favorite Holiday agrees on, is that there is no pretension. No costume contest. No 12 Days or 8 Crazy nights. No jewelry. No yielding to the wishes of a birthday brat. No plastic eggs stuffed with loose change or freakishly gigantic bunny. A short gift list if any; maybe a pie or some flowers. ‘Affection’ will do. What’s also nice is that you don’t need to think twice when wishing anybody a “Happy Thanksgiving”. The day exudes a rare, peaceful sense of universal harmony.

There are three words we should use as often as possible: PleaseSorry and Thanks. This time of year, let’s focus on the Thanks

PS – speaking of ‘Thanks’, thanks to Apple, you and your family will most likely not be watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. In a desperate effort to buy their way into our hearts, Apple stabbed us in the back!