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Online IMPs are worth less, because online, a consumers time is worth more. YouTube publishers gets paid 10x less than TV publishers.

More choice, less attention. As the media landscape has fragmented, our ability to focus waxes and wanes….but mostly wanes.

When there was attention abundance, there was information scarcity. Conversely, with attention scarcity, has come information overload.

As advertising becomes more complex, we are asking more basic questions. What’s an impression? Will my ad be seen? What content will it air against?

As a consumer heads towards a purchase, their reliance on advertising retreats. Although still effective at the bottom of the funnel, advertising’s overall influence diminishes as it progresses.

As the consumption of ‘Live’ events increases, Selective Perception decreases; we are less likely to filter out advertisements associated with an event that has our undivided attention.

The more personalized an ad is, the less Signaling value it holds. Signaling Theory posits that marketing messages aimed at the mases inspires respect and admiration.

Resources diverted to short term sales will be at the expense of long term profit growth.  Sales activation is not brand building.

Less logic, more magic. When it comes to a great ad, nothing can replace creativity.

Social media, is anti-social.