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It’s a constant performance, but for what?  What are we trying to prove?

That we are 1 out of 8 Billion status seeking primates who can somehow stand out? That we can create “content”?  Are we trying to be important somehow? Important to what? To who?

What even is important? We don’t even know yet we constantly post, tap, swipe and comment in order to be it. We tell ourselves that we’re trying to entertain people and contribute to the world, but the world is composed of a sea of voices all screaming at the same time about literally everything, ultimately saying nothing.

Why am I even writing this blog? Why are you even reading it?

Someday, an ancient species, or a Supercomputer, or even us (1000 generations removed), will possess all available knowledge w/ the capacity to learn anything at any speed and depth. When It knows about our time, or bothers to let it occupy even a remote sliver of its consciousness, it will bemuse or even possibly be amused at modes of communication once taken seriously by a race of beings who believed it to be empowering, liberating and progressive but instead confused, confounded and was regressive. “Social Media wasn’t the problem”, it may think, “nor was the technology that effectuated it. It was the psychological needs of its users which dictated and defined it’s use that makes the medium such an interesting artifact”.

Keep posting. You’re making history….