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Kylie Jenner has 238 Million followers in Instagram. I’m sure that’s good for the Makeup Melting Cleanser business. But the thing is – I’m just not a huge fan (as if Kylie cares what I think). The point is… If I were, you can bet I’d go out and buy whatever it is she’s selling, even though the product line doesn’t exactly suit my gender pronoun.

How do I know? Because I hardly care what kind of Laundry Detergent I use to clean my clothes. But you better believe I will be getting me some Tide Coldwater Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent. Why? Because former 6 time WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin said so! On top of that, the OG; Ice-T himself, said that “it’s better in cold water than the leading bargain brand is in hot water”. Plus, it saves energy and is good for the environment. That’s right, according to P&G’s Tide site – you better “Watch out, the Cold Callers are here! Tide has brought two of the coldest icons in pop culture, Ice-T and Stone Cold Steve Austin on board to convince everyone to #TurnToCold. Did you know that washing in cold water can reduce your energy use by 90%?”

This pairing is a true stroke of genius. Together, these two dudes could have sold anything. It’s everybody else’s loss and P&G’s gain. And for that, we thank you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to smash 2 Beer cans together, drink the explosion, crank ‘New Jack Hustler’ and do some damn laundry !!