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We are entombed in a casket of content; certain media now more like a Doomsday Distraction device.

Anybody can now seek out information that reinforces their own world view. That could leave a lot on the table as far as discovering that there might be someone’s point of view that is different than your own, that is right. IF everything that permeated the airwaves were positive and unifying stuff, it’d be great. BUT instead, there is a pathological dualism; an obsession with how different we all are, on perpetual play.

Here’s how similar we are – we’re all magnetized to a giant rock zipping through a cosmic mystery-maze. Every single person currently in existence will be dead in 100 years (give or take 10) and will be replaced with others not even born yet. We’re wasting time ‘Tweeting’ at each other like buffoons.

So let’s all take a deep breath and be smart about this.

Our ancestors formed Tribes in order to protect themselves from a very harsh physical environment. We are still hard wired for tribalism. That can be fun…just watch a college football game. It can be valid and just in overcoming unfairness or oppression. But once the common glue that holds your tribe together is simply the hatred for another tribe…  no bueno.

Too much of what is broadcast nowadays is in the name of quelling tribalism in order to push back against a power structure, but is being manufactured by a power structure and hardening tribalism.

“Darkness can not push out darkness, only light can do that” – Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

One Race. One Love.