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If you’re marketing Financial Services to Millennials you’d BETTER GET YOUR SEO act together… or you’ll be in deep you know what!

Unlike the rest of the human race, this diverse demographic is eager to achieve their goals. At odds with other Young Human Behavior, they exhibit optimism and believe their dreams are within reach! Oddly, they value good people and good companies. Where Millennials struggle is with financial planning due to the fact that they are simultaneously broke and hold tremendous debt.

So, how does your Financial Services company attract them? SEO is 1 obvious, effective and simple strategy. Calibrated correctly, your site will become an open gate through which herds of these “Millennials” will enter and unload their untold riches with your organization.

If it’s currently NOT working for you, we can help! MBD SEO Scientists have determined how to find absolute and total success by establishing certain conditions that are needed to be present in your Millennial Financial Services SEO Strategy. Simply consult the below compendium of common on-site SEO Problems and calibrate them accordingly:

-Duplicate content

-Missing alt Attributes (any fool knows images are taking a greater role in content marketing)

-Duplicate title tags

-Broken heart

-Duplicate meta descriptions (duh!)

-Low text to HTML Ratio

-Multiple <H1> tags (Some dimwits are missing their H1 all together – HA!)

-Low sperm count

-Duplicate content in H1 and title

-Too much texting while driving

-Too many on-page links

-Missing correct language declarations (seriously?)

-Temporary redirects (an honest mistake)

-Broken collar bone

-Missing title tags

-Not enough text within the title tag (speak up, schmuck!)


Neglect harnessing the power of SEO tactics at your own peril. If you are in direct violation of these rules you are subject to execution by Insane, Heavily Armed Robot.