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In 1937, Hormel combined ground pork shoulder, salt, water, sodium nitrate and sugar (and later, potato starch to keep it from drying out) and Voila  …. Human Dog Food was born!! 3 cans are sold every second: 8 Billion to date. As you read this, it sits in the cupboards of 1 in 3 American HH’s in wait of being transformed into SPAMwiches, SPAM and eggs or baked SPAM.

Fun fact about SPAM (Sizzle Pork And Mmm) – it is cooked after it’s been canned in something called aa Hydrostatic Cooker!

Cold or Hot, SPAM hits the spot (unless of course you are salt sensitive – SPAM contains a lip smacking 4620 mgs of sodium per 12oz can). YUMMY !

It’s also now a metaphor for an inbox irritant. Here is the MBD’s SPAM alert tip sheet…

Don’t’ pay attention to anything:

…with an alarming click bait Subject like – “Your totally missing out on life!” OR “Hurry! All the stores are almost out of gifts!

…with a URL that has more than 29 characters, for ex: blah-blah-blah@ungabunga(_$(%$IYWK%G<)RVRMA)RE+this_ismalwareW)HJHTHWTH^*&(&*(&^*t911qrpoto9977amdke/forward/hacknonono..spd,ddjgfa/1#^%^YH<<BSFDB>.com

…asking you to “Download your FREE guide”. Guides are a dime a dozen and overrated  anyway.

…that invites you to a “Networking Event”. Don’t go – It’s probably a murderous bot that wants to kidnap you for ransom!

…with an embedded URL in a picture that needs to be right clicked to view. The computer virus that knocks us back to the stone ages will likely take this form.

…from “Amazon”, especially one claiming that your “account has been hacked”. Um, OK? Is that really something to hand over credit card and social security numbers for? I don’t think so. Nothing is, ever, so don’t. A hacked Amazon account is like saying that your Cracker Barrel Rewards program has been ‘hacked’…  WHAT ??! How am I going to pay for this weekends’ White Chocolate n’ Fresh Berry French Toast?! Quick – somebody get my bank account and routing number for me to hand over to this complete stranger on the other line!!

I’ve got to think it’s over for email marketing thanks to A) the proliferation of sophisticated SPAM (actual volume of email spam has decreased over the years) and B) nobody paid any attention in the first place.

Watch this Sizzle Pork And Mmm reel here. More SPAM (the bad email kind) stats here.

Now excuse me while I go toss cubes of SPAM into some Mac and Cheese; SPAMac n’ Cheese!