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It’s not easy being a Genius; posting articles throughout the year, thinking ALL the time, worrying, obsessing… over Television and Marketing of all things (and also the fate of humankind). I am here to refute all inaccuracies in the world of marketing and advertising whilst at the same time position Television in its rightful place on the throne. After all this time, it’s still the #1 Marketing Communications channel ever invented. Take it from another Genius, Doc Searl’s:

“It should help to know that all the advertising you ever saw in non-digital media—the kind that created nearly every worldwide brand you can name—still works fine. It also requires minimal cognitive and operational overhead and actually supports both advertisers and media. (For more on that, read Separating Advertising’s Wheat and Chaff.)”

Below is a recap / year in review of your favorite blog. I’ve even organized it by category so as not to overheat your tiny banana brain. As for the rest of this year, I’m done… I have too much Christmas shopping to do.  Speaking of Christmas shopping… my new book makes a perfect gift for the whole family!

Bad Ads:

Cheesy Ads

Superbad II

Copying Copy


Keep Posting

Don’t Mess With The Mystic


Ancient Apocalypse and Apocalyptic Journalism 

Fun at the expense of Digital Marketing:

Super Awesome 

The Problem with Intermediation

TikTok You Don’t Stop

Digi’mania Explained 

Alas – MORE Ads

A Lesson In Advertising (and Imitating)


I Spy with my Little Air Tag

An Algorithm for Murder


Serious as a Heart Attack

It’s a Wash

Inversions to Remember 

Then I met Marketing II – the Cosmic Shock Phaser !


Happy Birthday America

See You In September

Apple Bags Great Pumpkin

Gobble Gobble

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Charade

All I Want For Christmas… 

A Christmas Miracle 

Top 10 Holiday Ad Soundtracks 

PEACE ’till ’23 !